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Top 3 Myths about Hiring a Funeral Director

Top-3-Myths-about-Hiring-a-Funeral-Director1All funeral directors are created equal, right?

Well, not exactly.

If you’re facing down the idea of planning for a funeral or even are just considering one that may be coming soon, you need to be sure that you’re taking on the right funeral director for your specific service needs.

The following common myths associated with hiring funeral directors will not only dispel some typical misconceptions, but should help you to find just the right funeral director for a very important event in the lives of those who love you.

Myth 1: Every Director Is the Same
Every single person is not the same, and likewise every funeral is not the same (and every funeral home, for that matter).

Different funeral directors have different specialties, and some may not even offer the specific services that you’re looking for. For instance, some directors may not condone cremation or may try to avoid that option with those who come to them, so if you have a clear idea of the services you or your loved one are looking for, be sure to see what the director seems to think about them—or if he or she offers them.

Myth 2: Funeral Directors Are Morbid
Just because they work with death all day, every day, doesn’t mean that funeral directors are always morbid.

Funeral directors are well aware of their industry, and understand that those who come to them are not as familiar, most likely, with the notions of grieving and departure. It’s part of their job to present the service as something positive and to make you comfortable in a time of grief, so you can be sure that true professionals are as bright and cheery as is necessary.

In fact, if you look hard enough, you might even find a funny one. Funeral directors are people too, and need an outlet for all the bleak aspects of their industry.

Myth 3: Funeral Directors Are Preachers
Religion is inextricably linked with death much of the time, and people can often assume that funeral directors will be employing not only their expertise in death, but a minor in divinity.

Though Christian beliefs and aesthetics are common in funeral homes, many directors will not push this on their clients. If you’re averse to religious slants, then rest assured that most directors will not take a pulpit position when you come to them.

Selecting a fine funeral director to help plan a funeral in Adelaide is vital for ensuring the best possible funeral experience for the friends and families of the deceased. See how Fulham Funerals can ensure that those in attendance and the deceased are well taken care of.

Cell Phones and Funerals Just Do Not Mix

cellphone-funeralThe mobile phone has become, for a great majority of people, a constant companion in everyday life. This development is not only an advance in social technology but also has its dark side as well, according to a study performed by Microsoft Australia. Many cell phone owners are already so dependent on their communication device and that is a major reason they are not afraid to use their mobile devices in the most inappropriate and embarrassing moments. It seems that 48 percent of Australian mobile phone users have no problem using their mobile phone on the toilet. Another 36 percent of the total of 2,500 respondents said they spoke on the phone during a wedding. About 11 percent also have no problem making calls from their mobile phones in libraries.

Funeral homes are cutting down on cell phone use. In fact, funeral directors are sometimes calling for people to leave all mobile devices outside the funeral so it does not disturb the service. Mobile phone owners should, in principle, always consider the situation in which they are using their mobile phone. This is especially true for those moments where there are also other people in their immediate environment. In this context, certain sensitivities on the part of users are necessary.  Ethical and moral ideals are needed. The only people allowed to have mobile devices should really be the funeral planner and the immediate family according to most funeral directors in Adelaide.

Furthermore, the situations in which the use of mobile phones is rather inappropriate but there are widely differing views. A funeral, according to Microsoft “is a clear example of an inappropriate situation.” There is a difference between someone using their cell phone for personal or professional purposes. In the latter case, it is often necessary, always and everywhere it should be available. However, there is a time and place for it. The person should try to find an appropriate balance of user behavior, which is for themselves and their environment.

Leaving Loved Ones Behind

sympathy-300x300For most people, a funeral is not just about saying goodbye. It is about other things. What am I going to do without them? Did they leave enough money to pay for the final expenses? Am I really going to have enough willpower to go through their things?

You live, after all, for each moment and you would prefer to do it for a long time. However, it never seems to work out the way you want it to sometimes. Many people have a certain fear of taking care of the things that will be relevant only after their death. This includes not only the circumstances surrounding the death and the type of funeral you want, but all things like death benefit , wills, donor cards or the memorial service. As unpleasant as it may be, the idea of sitting down with a funeral planner may be exactly what you need.

Funeral directors in Adelaide can help you with all the things stated above and then some but you have to make the first move and contact them. Yes, it is a tough move asking someone to help you plan your death but you dying is inevitable.

You can ask your children if they are already in mourning because of your passing or have any additional worries about money and the answer will be no because no one has thought of it because you haven’t died yet. But what happens if you die and you haven’t settled out the particulars like the funeral service, casket, utilities, transportation and burial? Get the help and the answers you need now.

This is precisely why you need help from people you trust so you don’t burden loved ones financially in the future. You want them to retain fond memories of you and if you save them time and money by getting a lot of this out of the way for them, they will be happier because of it.