Cell Phones and Funerals Just Do Not Mix

cellphone-funeralThe mobile phone has become, for a great majority of people, a constant companion in everyday life. This development is not only an advance in social technology but also has its dark side as well, according to a study performed by Microsoft Australia. Many cell phone owners are already so dependent on their communication device and that is a major reason they are not afraid to use their mobile devices in the most inappropriate and embarrassing moments. It seems that 48 percent of Australian mobile phone users have no problem using their mobile phone on the toilet. Another 36 percent of the total of 2,500 respondents said they spoke on the phone during a wedding. About 11 percent also have no problem making calls from their mobile phones in libraries.

Funeral homes are cutting down on cell phone use. In fact, funeral directors are sometimes calling for people to leave all mobile devices outside the funeral so it does not disturb the service. Mobile phone owners should, in principle, always consider the situation in which they are using their mobile phone. This is especially true for those moments where there are also other people in their immediate environment. In this context, certain sensitivities on the part of users are necessary.  Ethical and moral ideals are needed. The only people allowed to have mobile devices should really be the funeral planner and the immediate family according to most funeral directors in Adelaide.

Furthermore, the situations in which the use of mobile phones is rather inappropriate but there are widely differing views. A funeral, according to Microsoft “is a clear example of an inappropriate situation.” There is a difference between someone using their cell phone for personal or professional purposes. In the latter case, it is often necessary, always and everywhere it should be available. However, there is a time and place for it. The person should try to find an appropriate balance of user behavior, which is for themselves and their environment.