Funeral Services in Adelaide

At Fulham Funerals, we understand that whatever your belief or religious practice dictates about the afterlife, holding and attending a beautiful funeral service can be the greatest means of closure following the loss of a life.

This is why we take every effort necessary to provide the best experience possible for every friend and family member of the deceased. There are many decisions to be made when preparing for a funeral service, so we present every option clearly and carefully and take pride in offering the most elegant, modern services available in the Adelaide area while preserving those traditions important to you.

We offer a full array of coffins to meet your needs in budget, colour, style and size. We know that whether the funeral service is closed-casket or open-casket, choosing a coffin is about more than just the appearance – it’s about the comfort of knowing that the deceased is remembered in the way he or she would have wanted.

Fulham Funeral services can be discussed at any time. We are available all day, every day, to go over your options with you and provide more information should you need it.


Our Locations

Operating primarily out of the Underdale area, Fulham Funerals offers the convenience of being in close proximity to several of Adelaide’s major cemetery facilities, so transport and travel during the selected service will be simple, fast and safe. In order to serve a wider range of needs throughout Adelaide, we have also opened two boutique-style facilities in Elizabeth East and Brighton, where you can make numerous arrangements and also gather for intimate family viewings.

In our primary location in Underdale, the Fulham Funerals chapel holds a maximum of 80, allowing for a relatively large service during the indoor viewing portion of the funeral service. There is also an adjoining lounge in the chapel, providingan area for refreshmentsafter the viewing or service so that all involved can casually and comfortably reminisce and be together in a more social atmosphere. We also have a smaller chapel in Elizabeth East.