Payment Options

Payment is required in full 48hrs prior to the funeral service . The payment of the funeral account is not contingent on Probate being granted or estates being settled or superannuation funds. If funeral expenses are paid personally by a member of the family, that person is reimbursed from the estate in full before distribution of the estate. The person who signs the authorisation for the funeral to be conducted is the person legally responsible for the payment of the funeral account.



  • Bronze Cremation

    From $4675(Inc. GST)

  • Non Service Cremation

    From $1750*(Inc. GST)

    At Need Only !

  • Enfield Bronze Cremation

    From $5560(Inc. GST)

  • All Inclusive Burial Service Plus Cemetery Fees

    From $4440(Inc. GST)

  • Centennial Park: Mawson Chapels

    From $5330(Inc. GST)

  • Centennial Park:
    Heysen Chapel

    From $6000(Inc. GST)

  • Gold Professional Fee

    $4770(Inc. GST)

  • Platinum Professional Fee

    $5145(Inc. GST)