Tips for Planning a Funeral

Tips-for-Planning-a-FuneralWhether someone you love has recently passed or you are just a forward-looking planner, if an exceptional funeral service is important to you or a loved one, detailed planning is extremely important.

Death is a trying, complex time. If you neglect planning a funeral and informing others of those plans or wait to plan a funeral until death has occurred, not only can financing be difficult, but the resulting service may do a disservice to the deceased.

Why You Owe It to Your Loved Ones to Plan

Remember, things like funeral planning don’t get clearer when death has occurred. The deep emotions of grief cloud judgment, and having to take on the role of funeral planner can be detrimental to those who are grieving.

Also they may worry about “getting it right.” Make your funeral plans known to your loved ones so that when the time comes, they have the comfort of knowing your wishes are being fulfilled.


Financing can be very tricky in funeral planning. Funerals can be expensive, and if you have no financial options set in place, you could leave a heavy financial burden on those who survive you.

One way to simplify this immensely is through enlisting a prepaid funeral plan. This option can be cost efficient, locking in a low, current price in a market that may grow more expensive over time. It’s also convenient and comfortable, allowing you and your family the peace of knowing that when the time comes, costs are taken care of.

If prepaid funerals don’t seem like a good idea for any reason, try setting up a savings account for it with someone you trust.

The Estate

Do you know where your estate is going? Be sure to set up a will, even if you don’t foresee death in the near future. If an accident should occur or complications begin to cloud your judgment, you’ll take comfort in knowing what will come of your possessions.

Talk about It

If someone you love may be facing death soon, talk to him or her about what he or she wants. There are lots of variables to any funeral, so be sure to find out what he or she wants in terms of burial and service. Will they want cremation? Will they want to be buried out of state? Is there a particular plot they have in mind that means a lot to them? Factor in all these things.

It may help to consult a professional funeral planner as well to make sure all angles are covered. If you have a funeral home in mind, consult the funeral director to see what arrangements should be made.

For your Adelaide funeral, consult Fulham Funerals to see what should be done to make sure your funeral or the funeral of a loved one is exactly what is hoped for.

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