What to Look for in a Funeral Planner/Director

funeral-planning-300x198Call them morticians, undertakers, funerologists or whatever you’re comfortable with, but the general title of this esteemed professional today is funeral director. This will be the person who will guide you along funeral planning and arrangements and who will serve you in whatever needs you end up needing fulfilled, and picking the right one for a territory most of us know very little about is essential.

If you’re looking into funeral planning and just don’t know where to start, these tips and considerations will help you find the best possible funeral planning director for your specific needs.

The Reputation

When searching through your options for the best funeral director, look at his or her business’s reputation online. See if there are any reviews, first, and even ask around to see if anyone knows of a reliable one.

Remember that funerals are vital pieces of the grieving process that will stand out in people’s memories for a long time and may represent the last image people will have of the deceased. This isn’t the type of industry worth taking risks on for lower costs or for lack of knowledge of your options. Go with someone trusted and definite.

The Price

That being said, price is also a consideration to make in today’s economy. Funerals can be expensive, so take a look at the business’s offerings to be sure they’re competitive for what you’re looking for, and remember to assess this with their reputation to be sure you’re going to get what you pay for.


If you have a clear idea in mind of what you would like your proposed funeral to be like, you should look around at the areas off specialty of the funeral directors around you.

If religion is a big part of the service you’re looking for, try to find someone who caters to religious services and sensibilities. If you’re vehemently agnostic or atheist, then likewise you may want to avoid any servicers who seem to push the religious aspect of their service, as this may cause some discomfort for both of you. The last thing you want is a poor experience clouding an emotional, grief-riddled time in your life.

Remember that funerals should be times of celebration to some extent, so be sure it’s someone who can help you and those who loved the deceased to have a cathartic, pleasant experience.

Also consider what you want with the remains. If you’re positive about cremation, be sure to find someone who devotes a lot of attention to it as an option. Some directors will try to push their business to one direction or another.

Still, no matter what type of funeral planning you’re looking for, Adelaide funerals are the specialty of Fulham Funerals. They have the local experience and passion to help make any Adelaide funeral experience positive and valuable.

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