Considering the right way to preserve the memory of a loved one is a personal choice and many factors need to be considered.

At Fulham Funerals, we understand that whatever your belief, allowing a meaningful goodbye can be the greatest means of

closure following the loss of a life. A final resting place should reflect a loved one’s life, whilst offering peace and tranquillity to

those left behind.

We work in conjunction with cemeteries, crematoriums and organisations throughout South Australia to assist you select

a final resting place. Burial options have evolved over the years offering the community a wider range of gravesites to choose from.

Burial options include:

• New or existing site

• Traditional earth burials (coffin placed directly into earth)

• Natural earth burials (biodegradable coffin or shroud placed directly into earth)

• Entombment (coffin placed into concrete vault or mausoleum)

• Beam (full monumental) or lawn site

• General or Domination site

• Garden setting sites

Burial sites can accommodate up to 3 burials and up to 16 sets of ashes, with the tenure ranging from 25 years to perpetuity
(depending on the Cemetery).

Our friendly staff are willing to assist you with further information regarding cremation. Contact us

We can assist with all aspects of interstate or overseas repatriation.

Our friendly staff are will willing to assist you with further information on repatriations. Contact us