Coping with the death of a family member is a stressful and emotional experience. While funeral planning and costs may not be the
subject that is easily discussed, Fulham Funerals has the experience to address the subject in a caring and compassionate way.

We provide clients with a written quotation of services to be provided and fully disclose our credit policy prior to
the funeral service. We offer a range of payment options including cash, cheque and EFTPOS facilities.

Our friendly staff are willing to assist you with further information.

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Non Service Cremation

Fulham Funerals Chapel $1,750.00*

Bronze Cremation Package

Fulham Funerals Chapel $4,675.00

Gold Cremation Package

Centennial Park Florey Chapel

Gold Cremation Package

Enfield Memorial Park

Platinum Cremation Package

Centennial Park Heysen Chapel