Considering the right way to preserve the memory of a loved one is a personal choice and many factors need to be considered.

At Fulham Funerals, we understand that whatever your belief, allowing a meaningful goodbye can be the greatest means of
closure following the loss of a life. A final resting place should reflect a loved one’s life, whilst offering peace and tranquillity
to those left behind.

Cremation is a common choice for many people and is the primary alternative to burial. Choosing cremation whether through
pre-planning or for after-death selection, may be considered due to lower cost, flexibility, convenience and elegance, as
well as reduced environmental impact

Options for Memorialisation of Cremation Remains include:
• Interring within cemetery grounds - rose garden, native or shrub bed, wall niche, grave

• Scattering at a favourite location - sea, river, garden, sporting facility

• Purchasing an urn to create a special memorial at home (biodegradable urns available)
Tenure of cremation sites within cemetery grounds can range from 25 to 50 years. Sites can be renewed at any time.

Fulham Funerals offers a wide range of styles, shapes, textures, colours, sizes of urns, including biodegradable urns, allowing the
perfect vessel to treasure special memories of the person it represents.

Our friendly staff are willing to assist you with further information regarding cremation. Contact us

We can assist with all aspects of interstate or overseas repatriation.

Our friendly staff are will willing to assist you with further information on repatriations. Contact us